Hall laboratory of electric drives (EL101)

The equipment of the laboratory allows measurements up to 40kW in case of non-recuperative construction of tested subject or op to 40kW losses in case of recuperative arrangement of measuring stand. The lab is equipped with 7 universal measuring boards, 15 machine sets and other electric machines and instruments (transformers, smoothing chokes, converters, load resistors etc.). There is also a crane with carrying capacity up to 1 ton installed in the lab. The area of the lab also offers an independent entrance, workroom, power source room and room laboratories. In these laboratories there are installed another 13 measuring stands, which may use the same power sources as measuring stands from the hall lab. The measuring boards and stands are able to use either power sources from the power source room (see table below) or individual power sources installed in these boards (separating transformer, autotransformer, interconnection between boards, switching and control elements).

 Power source  Output parameters 
 Synchronous generator + DC motor  up to 3x400V, 18A
 Induction motor + dynamo  0 až 220V, 80A 
 Induction motor + dynamo  0 až 220V, 40A
 Induction motor + dynamo  0 až 440V, 20A
 Induction motor + dynamo  0 až 220V, 9A
 Transformer for galvanic separation  3x380V, 45A
 Adjustable transformer (booster)  3x760, 30A
 Transformer + diode rectifier -24V,0V,+24V, 40A 
In the year 2011 the laboratory's measurement technology has been modernized by purchasing of eight high quality digital osciloscopes Tektronix DPO4034B with necessary current and voltage differential probes, two pieces of "intelligent" power sources Agilent 6813B and five small laboratory power sources Matrix HC-MPS3005L-3. The modernization of measurement technology and instrumentation has been realized in terms of project FRVŠ 1072/2011 A/ with financial cooperation of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. (see photo gallery)

  • Matrix HC-MPS3005L-3
  • Agilent 6813B
  • Tektronix DPO4034B



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