Hall laboratory of electric machines (EK101)

Hall laboratory of electric machines allows testing of electromechanical dewices with power up to 60kW. It is equipped with 7 universal measuring boards, 17 machine sets and other electrical machines and instruments (transformers, converters and load resistors etc.). A power source room (for detailed equipment see table below) is also attached to the hall laboratory and it may be utilized as its power source. Another more power sources are installed in measuring boards (separating transformer, autotransformer, interconnection between boards, switching and control elements).

 Power source  Output parameters
 Synchronous turbo generator  up to 3x400V, 90A
 Synchronous generator  up to 3x400V, 36A
 Synchronous generator  up to 3x400V, 50A
 Dynamo  0 up to 230V, 95.5A
 Dynamo  0 up to 440V, 80A
 Dynamo  0 up to 440V, 80A
 Dynamo  0 up to 220V, 58A
 Dynamo  0 up to 440V, 68A
 Autotransformer  3x(0 up to 380V), 45A
 Adjustable transformer (booster)  3x(30 up to 600V), 30A
 Adjustable transformer (booster)  3x(40 up to 600V), 11A



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