Room laboratories of power electronics and drives (EL202, 204, 205 and 207)

Section of power electronics of KEV utilizes some of laboratory rooms. Some of them are preferably used for education of students in bachelor and master degrees of their studies and the research in these laboratories is partially restricted by time table of these rooms. Many activities related to the field of activities of section of power electronics, including work of PhD. students is therefore focused into specialized laboratories of KEV.

In the year 2012 a grant of The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in terms of High School Education Funds (FRVŠ) no. 2670/2012 - "Modernization of Laboratories of Regulation Technology: State-of-the-Art Tools for Education of Design, Modelling and Testing of Control Systems." Thanks to this grant the following equipment has been procured:

  • High power source and analyserChroma 61504
  • Frequency converter ACS 800
  • LCR meter Agilent
  • Torque sensors HBM T20WN with ranges 100 and 200 Nm
  • System for real-time simulationsdSpace
  • Toolboxes for Matlab and Simulink for quick application design
  • Plecs system for design and modelling of electrically regulated systems

The Education of Prospective Methods of AC Electric Machinery Parameter Identification

The project FRVŠ no. 2511/2012/G1 allowed us to equip the laboratory of electric drives by a workplace focused on education of prospective methods of AC machinery parameter identification by funding CZK 235 000,-.

The focus of the project has been building of an education workplace, which will increase the interrest of students in studies of electric drives and it will nelarge direct contact of students with current trends and problems solved in praxis. The main target of the project has been supplementation of regulated electric drives' education on KEV by modern algorithms for parameter identification and sensorless control of drives with asynchronous, synchronous and PM machinery.

The new workplace consists of a PMSM and induction machine stand, industrial converter, converter of own design controlled by a DSP and a simple diagnostic unit build on a LabView platform, which forms an graphical user interface.

The workplace is primarily aimed at education but naturally it may be used for work on bachelor and diploma theses as well as for other students' work.

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