Possibilities of cooperation with industry

Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics (KEV) of course feels inclined to any cooperation with industry. Both of our sections may be helpful as individual parts or as an unique ensemble, which is able to make a complete design of regulation, drives and machinery. The complete list of possibilities of both sections may be found below.

Section of Electromechanics

  • Complete design of modern electromechanical systems – electromagnetic, thermal and ventilation calculation with possibility of check using finite element method

    • direct current machines

    • brushless DC machines

    • induction machines

    • synchronous machines

    • synchronous machines with permanent magnets

    • transformers

    • transformers with superconducting winding

  • Possibility of non-conventional motor designs

  • Putting into duty, diagnostics

  • Design tests of electromechanical systems

  • Measuring of vibrations and pulsations

  • Measuring of torque, speed, operating and load characteristics

  • Measuring of efficiency of electromechanic systems

  • Analysis of noise of electromechanical systems

  • Production of blueprints in 2D and 3D CADs (AutoCAD, SolidWorks)

  • Modelling of electromechanical systems using finite element method

Section of Power Electronics

  • Complete electrical equipment of modern transport and automotive systems (controls, electronics, power, drive, communication and diagnostics)

  • Drives for locomotives, trains, subways, tramways and trolley-buses

  • Ttransportation systems with higher energetic efficiency

  • Hybrid and alternative drives

  • Intelligent mechatronic systems for new transport concepts

  • Modelling, simulations and prototyping of control, regulation, electric and electromechanical systems of new vehicles and transport systems

  • Semiconductor power converters and drives for high voltage applications

  • Feeding and charging systems of new generation (DC/DC, AC/DC), energy back-ups and backup power sources

  • New topologies of electric drives and sofisticated algorithms of controls and regulations

  • “Intelligent” drives and mechatronic systems

  • Complete development, modelling, simulations and prototyping of power electronic systems,

  • Development, modelling, simulations, testing and prototyping of embedded applications

  • HIL and SIL testing

  • Modern control systems and regulations in energetics, optimizations of energetic systems and devices 

  • Active filters, compensation, harmonics, modeling and analysis of power networks

  • Electric equipment for alternative and renewable energy sources

  • Energy accumulation systems (supercapacitors, atd.)

  • Applied research of new materials and semiconductor components (SiC, molecular electronics, etc.) 



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