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After finishing my bachelor studies on FEL with focus on high-voltage applications I have hesitated, which field of study should I choose for follow-up master's studies. At last the program Industrial Electronics and Electromechanical Engineering won. Now I don't dispute if my choice was correct and I would not definitely change my field of studies.

Currently I study interesting matters in field of power electronics, electric drives and regulation. The prospective of this domain is supported by its blustering progress in last years. A number of companies focused on electrical engineering is involved in research and development of devices from this branch and therefore graduates of this education program have a good opportunity of assertation after finishing their studies. Thanks to knowledge obtained by my actual studies I have participated in the final round of ABBsolvent contest, which is held by ABB, and in last year I have won this contest. The main target of this competition is support of students in technical fields. Except financial price I have gained new contacts. Thorough I consider the most valuable price a fact, that I had a chance to undertake a praxis in ABB in Switzerland. It has been a three months long stint in engineering office of high-voltage drives for top performance applications. The stint has took three month during summer vacations (July to September) and it has been accommodated according to according to studied subjects. By solving of duties I have used and deepened my knowledge in all fields. Soon I became a part of the collective and a supervisor, who helped me in my work, has been assigned to me. Among others I had a chance to practice technical terminology in English and German languages. And in not least row the stint gave me a concept how the work of an engineer looks like and it has enriched my curriculum vitae. I am still in contact with employees of engineering office and I have a chance to do my master thesis for them.

During the weekends I had an opportunity to travel abroad and get to know nature and architecturally interesting cities. Switzerland of famous with its very dense network of quality railways and trains driving with proverbial accuracy. And because railway is my hobby and it imminently relates to my field of study, I attach a few photographs on approbation.

Bc. Martin BRŮHA
student of follow-up master degree program
Industrial Electronics and Electromechanical Engineering
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