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Except pedagogic activities the staff of Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics (KEV) is involved in a number of research programs, which are, in a series of cases, being solved in cooperation with other departments and faculties of University of West Bohemia and prestigious companies. The list of running projects and publications, which resulted from these projects, is placed on the website of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in section dedicated to Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics.

Except research funded by grants, there is also a lot of specific researches running at KEV. Results of these researches will be published on this web page.

Publications of department's members

The list of publications of KEV members may be obtained using one of following links. Since following outputs are not stored on this server, but generated on another one, the creation of desired list may take a few seconds.

Year of publication:  

 2003 a starší  2004 2005
 2006  2007 2008
 2009  2010 2011

Further research results


Further results of scientific and research activities of KEV may be obtained via, which forms a list of scientific and research activities of whole Faculty of Electrical Engineering including RICE. These results include:

  • functional samples (FV)
  • validated technologies (OT)
  • patents (PA)
  • pilot plants (PO)
  • prototypes (PR)
  • software (SW)
  • utility mnodels (UV)
  • ther results of scientific and research activities (O)

In case of interest in any registered technology please contact directly person mentioned in forms at




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